Annie is perhaps the world's most respected expert in decorative paint, colors and technics.   She developed her Chalk Paint® over thirty years ago in Oxford England and has revolutionalized the world of decorative painting.   It is the new rage with faux painters and DIY enthusiants.  Chalk Paint® is known for its very matte-almost chalky-finish.  


Chalk Paint®  is user friendly and very rarely requires any preperation like sanding or priming.  It adheres to most any surface and creates gorgeous results quickly and easily.  You can use it indoor or out on just about any surface-from wood to metal.  It can revitalize tired old furniture, walls, ceilings, floors and even your kitchen cabinets. 


Chalk Paint® is eco-friendly.  It is a non-toxic, water-based  paint that contains no lead, has very low VOC and has no order!


There is only one Annie Sloan Decorative Chalk Paint®-but offers endless possibilities.

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